Art Therapy Approach to ADD and ADHD

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Art Therapy Approach to ADD and ADHD

I have developed a new program using modified techniques from Del Giacco Art Therapy to help children and adults with ADD & ADHD; with all new exercises and pictures to help you learn more comprehensively.

In this course you will become more aware of the two very different problem areas of Attention Deficit Disorder, and how to treat them. I have found helping to establish sensory processing in the limbic system works wonders for these populations. But, is easier to treat then neurological disorders.  You may want to add this to your treatment tools.

Please stop over and take a look see at our newest course;using the DAT theory of bottom’s-up & top down to help focusing and anxiety that is driven by ADD and ADHD.

Usually, you can see significant changes in 12 weeks or less; with improved behaviors, less anxiety and overall improvement in quality of their life. I have provided complete instructions for assessments with treatment suggestions in this course.

Be sure to sign up early because seating is limited. This is a self study course. You will earn 2 CEU for the successful completion of this course. The course is open to the public


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