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Del Giacco Neuro Art Therapy Verses Art Therapy

The picture below  is taken from a newspaper article written about how I used the video game Tetris to help my clients with brain injury and strokes. During the session shown above, I am sitting next to a client in front of a TV with an old fashioned video game with Tetris running.  I am directing the client in semi-active fashion, At times, I tell the client where to move the pieces and then alternate who decides where to place the next piece.

In this course, you will learn how the video game Tetris can help with comprehension and attention.  You will review a clinical study of Tetris, explore how Del Giacco Neuro Art Therapy (DAT) was used to create a program  for the New York State Education Department Office of Vocational Educational Services for Persons with Disabilities (VESID).  As a contrast, you will study an Art Therapy Individual Education Plan (IEP). The IEP is very different in concept and structure when compared to DAT’s VESID program. The DAT program was found valid by VESID after one year of use. The DAT program was initially designed for people with traumatic brain injury.


  • Tetris Study

  • lesson
    Tetris Study Review
    20 minutes
  • quiz
    Tetris Affects
    3 questions
  • DAT as a Grant Model

  • assignment
    How Does DAT Use Tetris
    Text Based
  • quiz
    DAT Uses Tetris
    2 questions
  • discussion
    Art Therapy IEP
  • quiz
    Quiz IEP
    2 questions
  • Course 5 Survey

  • lesson
    Course 5 Survey
    5 minutes

Maureen Del Giacco, Ph.D., LCAT

Maureen C. Del Giacco, Ph.D., LCAT is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist in New York State. Dr. Del Giacco, is also an author of many books, e-books and most recently has published an iBook. Dr. Del Giacco has been teaching on line since 2004. Additionally, Dr. Del Giacco has been a Certified Cognitive Rehabilitation Specialist since 2004.
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