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About the “CDAT” Certification

Del Giacco Creative Arts Therapy, PLLC is the issuing agency of “CDAT” Certificates. This agency is an Approved Continuing Education Provider by New York State Office of Mental Health Professionals for Licensed Creative Arts Therapists.    Provider # CAT-0053.

The “CDAT” Certification has been around for over 2 decades. The program “Del Giacco Neuro Arts Therapy” (DAT) was created out of my own need for recovery from an acute mild trauma brain injury. The techniques I developed were so profound  I was asked by professionals to develop a program for TBI survivors and then for professionals to help their clients.  The DAT program is not for everyone, but, for most there have been positive responses. The results have been consistent, the DAT program improves the quality of life for those that take it. Training is required because the populations are sensitive and education is imperative to assure the safety of the client and the success of the program. With that being said, the next questions you may ask are

When most people consider certification they have a few questions they need answered

  • Is this certification legal?
  • What is the purpose of this certification?
  • Am I qualified to use this certification?
  • Can I recoup my investment of the cost of this course?

How does the training work?

  • How many modules will I have to complete?
  • How long will each module take?
  • Will I be awarded a Continuing Education Credit (CEU) for each course?
  • Who recognizes the CEU?
  • How will I receive my “CDAT” Certificate?

Where to use “CDAT” Certification

  • How can I use this certification
  • What work can I obtain with it?
  • Where should I apply for work?
  • Can I start my own program?
  • Will  I be able to obtain a grant?

Learning goals and objectives: After completing this course you will be able to analyze and synthesize the information to make an informed decision about certification. You will also be able to discuss the pro’s and con’s of using the CDAT Mark. An overall grade of 80% is required to receive 2 Continuing Education Credits.  All LCAT’s must submit a copy of their license and a valid drivers license. All others must submit an ID and address please. In advance, thank you for your time in this matter.


  • About the Author

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    About the Author
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    Quiz 1 CDAT
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  • The "CDAT" Certification

  • lesson
    The “CDAT” Certification
    The “CDAT” Certification








    • Is this Certification legal? The answer is yes, if you are using it appropriately.
    • How many modules will I have to complete? If you are a Licensed Creative Therapist you will take 1 course and earn 12 CE. Otherwise, you must complete10 modules.
    • How long will each module take? Every module varies in time for completion. You can check the syllabus for estimated time. Generally they are designed for under 1 hr.
    • Will I be awarded a Continuing Education Credit (CEU) for each course? Yes
    • Who recognizes the CEU? The Continuing Education Credit for LCAT’s is recognized by NY State. Some universities have awarded college credit and some employers will recognize the credits. Receiving these CE’s may aid in moving forward in your work. Additionally, grant sources have recognized the CE in conjunction with awarding funding for programs. Many facilities would like their staff who work with the cognitive impaired to have some form of education in understand the under laying dynamics of art therapy and cognitive impairment.
    • How will I receive my “CDAT” Certificate? All certificates will be mailed within 7 to 10 days of completion. All. LCAT’s must submit a copy of their  License and a photo ID.
    • If you are a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist: Course 1 “The Foundations” has been approved by NY STATE for 12 Continuing Education Credit. In addition to the CE you will become Certified in Del Giacco Art Therapy and receive a certificate upon completion of Course 1. NY STATE Provider Approved LCAT Provider: #CAT-0053 
    • If you are not an LCAT you must have a Bachelor’s degree in a related field of Human Service you will need educational credits in: Studio Art (any discipline) – 12 credit hours, Psychology-12  credit hours in;  Introduction to Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Abnormal Psychology.  Please Note: You are not being Certified  as an art therapist. You are not being certified as a mental health professional. You ARE being certified as  A Cognitive Rehabilitation Specialist who is using an Art Based Program. You are using the “Del Giacco Neuro Art Therapy Program.” You must complete 10 courses to receive your Certificate. You will be awarded 2 CEU for the successful completion of each course.
    • Other professions that may find this program helpful are those with a Master’s degree or higher in a related field. Courses will depend on your credentials.
    • What is the purpose of this certification? The purpose of the certification/training is to help persons who are working with Traumatic brain injured clients and other neurologically impaired clients to understand the neurological distress factor, to teach techniques that require care and diligence in a highly sensitive field and to improve cognitive functioning.
    • Professionals who may use this program: art therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, psychologist and special education teacher.
    • How can I use this certification to improve my life and the lives of others? This certification can be used as a program for memory improvement in assisted facilities or nursing homes. You can work in a prison system and help inmates improve their cognitive functions, you can work with many types of therapists, you can work in hospitals for children and adolescents. Plus, you may use this program for yourself and/or your family friends. 
    • Can I recoup my investment of the cost of this course? Yes, you can. Many times agencies receive grants to help provide art programs to their clients. These are paid to you from the facility.  You can receive a grant for helping the cognitive impaired populations from the federal government and other arts based funding sources. You will have to be proactive and show that you are able to manage your own program.
    • Perks of Certification: Access to files for download to help you build your practice:Movies, pdf files audio files, forms, e-books, papers, clinical studies, Power Point presentations and much more.

    Please read this paper for more information on the use of the Del Giacco Neuro Art Therapy methods.


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    Quiz 2 CDAT
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  • Where and How to use the "CDAT" Certification

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    Where and how to use the “CDAT” Certification
    Where and how to use the “CDAT” Certification

    How can I use this certification?

    What work can I obtain with it? You can work within your own program, or you can work as a para-profession under a professional.

    Where should I apply for work? You can go anywhere that there is a need to improve memory.

    Can I start my own program? Yes, I provide  3 examples of how graduates are using their certification.

    Can I write a grant? Yes, you are able to write a grant for funding, but, you will need a not for profit agency to implement the program and managing the monies for you.

    Some of the graduates who are professionals and licensed use the program to work with their clients. Others who are para-professionals will seek an agency to sponsor their program to implement a grant for an art program. Or they may choose to run their own program. Below are a few examples of how our graduates are using this certification.

    Please read more about the Del Giacco Neuro Art Therapy in this graduates final paper.


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    Quiz 3 CDAT
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  • Advanced Certifcation

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    Advanced Certificates
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  • Survey

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Maureen Del Giacco, Ph.D., LCAT

Maureen C. Del Giacco, Ph.D., LCAT is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist in New York State. Dr. Del Giacco, is also an author of many books, e-books and most recently has published an iBook. Dr. Del Giacco has been teaching on line since 2004. Additionally, Dr. Del Giacco has been a Certified Cognitive Rehabilitation Specialist since 2004.
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